DIY: Travel Box

Happy Travel Tuesday everyone! Today I’m coming to you with my all time favorite Travel DIY. It’s super easy, AND is super practical. I mean, I don’t think you could get a more win win situation if you tried! Especially if you try to save every little piece of your travels.

Every since I was small, I’ve saved EVERYTHING from every trip I’ve ever been on. (My mom fondly calls me a “pack rat”.) But, everything that I keep is a happy memory from a happy vacation. And I just can’t bare to part with it. Yes… that includes my ticket stubs, napkins and maps. So after every vacation I’ve ever been on, I come home with a bag full of “stuff”.

When I was younger, I used to do the whole scrapbooking thing. So I’d paste everything into my books. But as I got older, I stopped doing that, and would just have bags of treasures laying around. It got to the point where even I couldn’t stand the clutter. (And believe me, thats a huge deal. Messes don’t bother me in the least. I tend to feel more comfortable when everything is out of place. It’s Trev that’s the neat freak in our house!)

So I decided to start looking on Pinterest for ideas on how I could store everything. I don’t even know where I found it, but I remember seeing pretty colored boxes. And I thought THAT WOULD BE PERFECT!

In fact, it’s so easy that you probably don’t need step by step instructions… but I’m going to give them to you anyways! Here’s what you’ll need…


  • Wooden Box from Michaels (Choose whichever size you like! We get bigger boxes for longer trips, and smaller boxes for shorter trips.)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Acrylic Paint in two different colors (I usually choose a color that makes me think of the location, and then usually white to write with!)
  • A Stencil if you want perfect letters
  • Whatever you’re going to put inside

Start off by painting the box. If you want it really covered well, you may need to do a couple of coats. The good news is that it dries crazy fast, so you won’t be sitting around waiting all day.


Next, paint on your letters. If you’re really particular about how they look, I’d recommend getting a stencil. For us, we don’t really care if they are perfect or not, so I free hand them. Some turn out better than others, but we don’t mind!


Last, fill ’em up!


That’s literally it. See? I told you it was so, so, so, so simple, and you have a place to keep everything you’ve collected. Trev and I love opening up our boxes and taking a quick trip down memory lane. We set them on the bookshelves around our TV and they are always a conversation starter whenever we have company over.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Tuesday!


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