Thanksgiving in the Mitten

Gobble til you wobble. Let’s get stuffed. Thankful, grateful, blessed. It’s safe to say, I’m in Full on Feast Mode already and it’s only Monday.


And today’s post isn’t doing ANYTHING to help my excitement for Thanksgiving. We’re talking about all the great things you can do to celebrate this totally underrated holiday in the great state of Michigan!

Also me. 
Watch America’s Thanksgiving Parade. Okay… don’t kill me. I’m a DIE HARD Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade fan, and don’t ever watch the one in my home state. (I know, I know. I’m a horrible person.) But 65 million people do tune in. So 65 million people can’t be wrong! For the past 90 years, America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has marched down Woodward Ave in Detroit. If you’re in the area, you should totally go! However, the place is a MAD HOUSE on Thanksgiving, (thanks not only to the parade, but to the next TWO items on my list as well!) and you’re going to need to bring a lot of patience with you. Streets start closing down on Wednesday, there are people literally everywhere. If you’re thinking of heading to the parade, check out this Need to Know!
Definitely me. 
Go see the Lions. For me, it’s not Thanksgiving unless my entire family is sitting around the TV watching our Lions play. Watching from home is great, but I’m telling you, being at the game is even better. Why have Thanksgiving dinner when you can eat a massive turkey leg and drink beer?
Probably me… if we played football and didn’t watch it.
Okay, if you’re not a football fan, you can skip over this but today is my day to tell you about the greatest day of my life. And yes, it did happen at Lions Thanksgiving Day game. SO here we go….
It was February 3rd, 2002. I was in 8th grade, and having all my friends over for a Super Bowl Party. We already had a Snow Day for the next day (Thanks again for that, MAPS. I still really appreciate that Snow Day!) and my cousin was over helping me get ready for the party. I hadn’t really decided who I wanted to win yet, so I was asking LJ who he thought I should cheer for. He looked at me and goes, “you mean you don’t want Tom Brady to win? I figured you’d think he was hot.” He showed me his picture, and that day a monster was born. I decided right then and there that Tom Brady was my favorite QB. And ever since, I have supported him, cheered for him, and loved the New England Patriots. (So no. I’m not a bandwagon fan. I’m as loyal as they come.) My love for TB grew immensely after I watched him play, seeing he was an amazing football player too, and actually win that Super Bowl. I collected jerseys, magazines, books, apparel, winter hats, and even got a Tom Brady Fat Head. Over the years my dad always promised me if the Pats ever played the Lions, he’d take me.
 Fast forward to November, 2010. The Patriots were coming to Detroit to play the Lions on Thanksgiving day, and this girl and her dad had tickets.  
Actually Me. How was this taken 6 years ago? I’m such a baby! 
You guys. I WAS SO EXCITED. You have NO idea. We came down the night before, and stayed at the Ren Cen. We ate at our favorite place in Greek Town, we wandered around Campus Martius, we checked out the Christmas displays and we had the best time. The next morning, we were up early and decked out in our Patriots gear. As we were leaving the hotel, I saw a really big bus and I stopped dead in my tracks. Could it be that the Patriots were staying at the same hotel as us?? 
My dad assumed that it all had to do with the Turkey Trot and we started walking away. But something inside me was SCREAMING at me not to leave. I turned around and said “Dad, if that IS the Patriots’ bus I will never forgive myself for not waiting around to see.” So we waited. About ten minutes later, security came out and started roping off an area. And pretty soon about 40 little boys in Tom Brady jerseys were standing around. 
OH MY GOD. It was really happening. I couldn’t believe this. The Pats were staying at our hotel and TOM FREAKIN BRADY was about to walk out that door and get on the bus. So I pushed my way to the front, and waited. 
I saw Gronk in all his massive glory. I saw Danny Woodhead, who was only an inch taller than me. Wes Welker wandered out too. The players were all super friendly, and waved to the crowd. But everyone was there for one reason, and one reason only. We waited and waited. And then, finally, TOM FREAKIN BRADY walked out looking like he popped straight off a magazine cover. Y’all. This man is freakin flawless. Ask my Dad, he’ll even tell you. And he smelled SO DANG GOOD. I got so excited I literally could not control my hands and got 3 terrible, blurry, dark photos. He looked right at me, saw how clearly stoked I was, and waved. 
The best of the horribly blurry photos! 
And then I squealed. And then he laughed. And that was the best day of my life. (Besides getting married. Love ya Boo.) 
So you know, maybe if you’re favorite football player is there, you’ll have the best day of your life too. Okay. Back to Thanksgiving stuff.
Run in a turkey trot. Why not start your day of feasting off the healthy way? There are literally Turkey Trots all over the state. Check them out here. Now, you won’t find me running on Thanksgiving morning, BUT please now, I’ll be cheering you runners on from my couch 🙂
Me. When they tell me the only pie there is is pumpkin. 
Head to a “mountain”. No not the rockies, but a ski hill. Crystal Mountain and Boyne Mountain both have big Thanksgiving celebrations! If you’re looking for a weekend escape, head North. You’ll find Thanksgiving fun, and be able to start the holiday season out right! Plus… you won’t have to waste time trying to cook dinner if you spend Thanksgiving at an awesome place like this.
Me. If I had to make Thanksgiving dinner. 
Eat a Thanksgiving buffet… if you haven’t had enough turkey already! There are a TON of places in Michigan offering up Thanksgiving dinners and buffets. Places like Bay Pointe In, Double JJ Resort,, and Henderson Castle all have insane displays of food just waiting for you to come and eat!
We’re all Lorelai. 
Volunteer. It’s always nice to be reminded that you have so much to be thankful for, especially if you’re feeling a little down because Becky just got engaged and Taylor just got a house and Sandy just popped out her 4th kid and you’re sitting at home trying to figure out how to get the cork out of your wine bottle because it got stuck again. (I get it. We’ve all been there at some point or another!) With social media, it’s a lot harder to be thankful for what you do have, when you’re constantly seeing what others have too. Take a minute to step back, and help those in need. Not only will you be more grateful for the things you have, but you’ll also be making someones day a whole lot brighter.
Me, when they pass me the potatoes. 
What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?
Ever since I can remember, I’ve LOVED waking up in the morning and snuggling up on the couch with my mom to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (Sorry Detroit…) Then we’d head to my Grandma’s for lunch, my Great Grandma’s for lunch number two, and my other Grandma’s for dinner. I used to be so dang stuffed by the end of the day! This year we’re celebrating a little bit differently, and our Thanksgiving dinners are spread out over a couple of days. Which is good with me, because that means, I can eat more at each dinner. 🙂 And then, I’ll be ready for Black Friday.
I’m back tomorrow with my final thoughts on San Antonio! Enjoy your Monday. And remember… DWTS finale starts tonight. You shouldn’t miss it… it’s really been a fantastic season!

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