Wedding 101: The Wedding Entrance

Happy Happy  Wednesday everyone! We are half way through the week and this girl right here couldn’t be more excited. I’m counting down the days until the weekend where I can sleep in even just a little bit!

Speaking of this weekend… we are celebrating our first of four Thanksgivings on Saturday! Four Thanksgiving dinners = a whole lot of food. And a whole lot of food = a whole lot of calories. So tomorrow, my favorite human is taking over the blog with some tips on how to not over eat, and stay a little bit healthy over the holidays! So look for his guest post tomorrow 🙂

Now on to the fun stuff!

When I was planning my wedding, I think one  thing both Trev and I put a ton of thought into was our entrance. We had read over and over and over again that your wedding entrance would set the entire tone for you reception. I remember scrolling on Pinterest for HOURS trying to find the most perfect idea. Then, I saw a pin of a couple running through a sign like a high school sports team. And a little light bulb went off above my head!

Sports. Trev and I love sports! I may not have ever played them, but Trev did. And we love watching our favorite teams together all year. So I ran the idea by my mom. And she said “Savannah. This is a classy wedding. You can’t run through a paper sign.” I was bummed, but I knew what she was saying. After some more thought, I realized that yes, I wanted a classy ceremony, I wanted a nice cocktail hour, but I wanted everyone to have fun at our reception. I didn’t want them to feel like they couldn’t grab their drink and head to the dance floor. I didn’t want them to think they had to sit with their backs up straight, and use the right fork.

So we decided to go for it. And it turned out so good. It was absolutely perfect FOR US. And thats when I realized, that everyones entrance should be tailored to the couple. It’s the very first time that you get to be announced as Mr. and Mrs. it’s totally a big deal. So how exactly do you make sure your entrance is everything you want it to be?

Find your common interests. Do you both love sports? Maybe you love to dance. Or maybe, you’re both huge Star Wars fans and own your own light sabers. Whatever it is that you love to do together, can be a perfect way to inspire a theme. Speaking of…

Use a theme. Themes are always a good idea when it comes to an entrance. They can be funny, romantic, or even a little bit crazy. Our theme was baseball. We wrote a baseball themed script and had the MLB on Fox theme song playing in the background. Coming up with a theme really helps to cultivate your perfect entrance, especially if you’re completely lost.

Get creative. Think, plan and use your heads! You’re much more creative than you think, I promise! Let your mind run wild with ideas, and write them down. You never know what you might come up with.

Use your venue. Some venues may be made for a Grand Entrance. Do they have a Juliette Balcony? Maybe it’s on a river and riding in on a canoe is totally an option. Is there a stage? Talk to the people at your venue and see what they can do!

Let the music do the talking. A good jam is always a solid idea. Remember: Basic doesn’t have to mean boring. However, if you are planning just to be introduced, without a gimmick, make sure you choose a fun song to go along with it!

Do a little dance. How many people love to watch choreographed wedding dances on YouTube? They are so dang entertaining. Even if you’re a horrible dancer, you can get out and have some fun with it. A wedding party dance would definitely entertain your guests! You just can’t be shy… be sure to put on a show!

Bring on the Sprinkles. Sprinkles make everything better, not just cupcakes. If you’re hoping to get all your guests involved, they can easily throw glitter, rice, or confetti in the air as you run through them.

Go big, or go home. Whatever you decide, remember, the bigger the better. No, I don’t mean spend a bunch of money on your entrance (unless you want to!) but I do mean to put some thought into it. After planning every other little detail, it can seem like the last thing you want to think about. But I promise, when you look back, you’re going to want to remember your first big entrance as Mr. and Mrs.

And in case you’re curious, here was our wedding entrance. And no. We didn’t tell the Flower/Garland Girls to dab. They’re just that cool. Thanks to Future Focus Media for putting together this rough edit for me to share 🙂

Remember, Trev will be here tomorrow to talk to us about how to not end up putting on an extra 40 pounds this Thanksgiving! Be sure to come check it out! I hope your weeks are flying by and this post finds you happy and ready to finish out the week.


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