Michigan Fall Bucket List Part 2!

Today is November 7th. Just let that sink in. It seems like just yesterday I was writing my Michigan Fall Bucket list for you and now fall is practically over! We’ve been seriously blessed with unusually warm weather and sunshine these past few weeks, but we all know it can’t last forever.

My home town put up the sand fences last week… which is a true sign that WINTER IS COMING. (I hope you said that in your favorite GoT character’s voice.)
However, all hope is not lost! You still have a solid couple weeks before the snow comes (hopefully!) and the fall colors are STILL looking beautiful along the lakeshore in Northern Michigan. So today, I thought I’d share an updated fall bucket list. A little bit shorter than the original, but it includes EVERYTHING that you can still do to make the most of this beautiful season in NoMI.
  1. Cider Mills. Guys. You can still go to a cider mill after October. Shocking huh?? While the apple orchards are pretty much done for the season, the mills are still cranking out cider and donuts. And huge bonus… they are a lot less crowded after Halloween. Just be sure that you check the hours of your favorite local cider mill, because they often have shortened hours starting in November.img_4568
  2. Make a Family Recipe. There is no better time to make a cozy family recipe than the fall. I mean.. duh. Thanksgiving is almost here! May I suggest my Grandpa’s Stuffing? Or rolls. Rolls are ALWAYS a good idea!screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-3-50-26-pm
  3. Take a Color Tour. Lucky for you, you can STILL take a color tour. Usually, by this time all the colorful leaves have fallen off the trees. But luckily, Northern Michigan is still BURSTING with color. And it’s not even at 100% color yet. So you still have time to head north and see those beautiful colors!dsc_0051
  4. A weekend Up North is always a good idea. No matter the season. Check out my guide to weekend getaways here.dsc_0055
  5. See a game at the Big House. You still have ONE more chance to see the winning Wolverines on their home turf. November 19th is their last home game of the season. Get your butts to Ann Arbor! With their winning record, the atmosphere is sure to be extra awesome!sam_3877
  6. Cheer on your Lions. So their record isn’t STELLAR this year, but it’s also not completely terrible. There is still plenty of season left to cheer on your boys! Personally, I love Lions games on Thanksgiving! Check out ticket prices, here.dsc_8893

  7. Check out a festival. OKAY so fall festivals are pretty much over in Michigan, but you can head to our Thanksgiving Day Parade instead! And while you’re there, check out all that downtown Detroit has to offer. I’d highly recommend Greektown…dsc_8882
  8. Visit Frankenmuth. We’re heading there this weekend and we’re so excited! Check back next Monday for a full guide to this charming little city 🙂img_3547
  9. Celebrate Opening Day…. of rifle season. That’s right. It still isn’t here yet. (Although you’d think it was with the amount of deer I’ve seen on my Facebook page for bow season.) I’m still not big on the whole “hunting” thing. BUT I know a lot of people are. And you can still celebrate by making a sweet treat for those hunters in your lives. My favorite blog in the WORLD for recipes is Mix and Match Mama. They are all so simple and so dang delicious. I’ve never had something not turn out when I’ve tried it.
    PS… Let’s just pretend I’m not making Christmas cookies here. HAHA
  10. Celebrate! While one holiday is already over, we still have Thanksgiving to look forward to! Celebrate with those that you are most thankful for!  img_2699
So, while half the things on my original Fall Bucket List are gone, you still have time for a little more fall fun before the dreaded white stuff starts falling.
And one more super duper important thing…
Tomorrow is election day. I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Undecided. Get out there and cast your vote. Your voice deserves to be heard, and what happens next in our country is completely up to you.


So get out there and #rockthevote!
Remember… I won’t be blogging tomorrow or Wednesday. I have to move my entire life to the apartment building behind me. UGH.
I’ll be back on Thursday with a fun post that you won’t want to miss! Enjoy your week. See you in a couple days!

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