My Road Trip Essentials

Happy Happy Happy Thursday everyone! I’m super stoked today because it is officially the start of my super fun weekend!We are leaving as soon as I finish this blog post to head to Kentucky for a wedding. Trev’s best friend from high school is getting married, so we’re going to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs. all weekend. I am literally so excited!

The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the long drive. So I’ve been busy all week gathering up my road trip essentials. Here are the things I take with me, to make my car ride just a little bit better. Cue that Road Trip Playlist…


Before we even begin packing, we have to be sure we’ve got the right outfit. Personally, I like to be comfy, but still look cute just in case I end up in photos or we stop for dinner. In the fall/winter, this is usually a cute plaid top, my favorite jeans and some boots. Easy, comfy and still cute.




Here’s all of my stuff in a pile just before I tossed it in the car this evening.

For starters, you need a good bag. I know most people like a tote bag, because they are easy to reach into. However, I’m a huge fan of a super cute backpack. I like this more because it closes, and to be honest, I tend to throw my bag around when I’m in a car. It really helps keep everything in, and I don’t have to worry about trying to crawl around and pick up my stuff. My exact backpack isn’t available anymore, but this one is almost a perfect dupe!

Next up, we need something snuggly. If I’m going to be in a car for a long time, I need to be comfy. And for me, comfy and snuggly go hand in hand. I almost always wear a sweatshirt when I hit the road, but I always like to bring a small blanket and my favorite pillow. Most people may find this unnecessary, however, your girl is ALWAYS SO COLD. I think I’m part snake. My favorite sweatshirt right now is HANDS DOWN this one. (Gotta represent the Gilmore Girls!) And, my blanket is super soft, and super light weight, so it actually fits right in my bag.

Now that I’ll be comfy, I have to cure my boredom. I’m not someone who gets bored very easily, give me some music and I’m content to sit and daydream or actual dream, if I’m sleepy. So I usually only take my phone, iPad and headphones. My iPad has lots of games on it that can be played without wifi and downloaded episodes of whatever shows I’m into at the moment, just incase daydreaming isn’t cutting it 😉 You can find my super cute phone case here my iPad case here and my headphones here. I ALWAYS like to take my over the ear headphones because it let’s people know I’m not in the mood for chit chat.

Since I can’t have all this technology dying on me, I always take my phone charger, car charger and extra battery pack with me. I love this one because it matches my headphones.

This next essential is more for my husband than me. I don’t care if we’re going a half hour, or 15, he ALWAYS has to have snacks with him. Lots and lots of snacks. We usually try to take some healthier choices with us when we leave, because we know that we’ll just be picking up junk food from the gas station later on in the trip. Well, this weekend we are sticking with straight junk. I made this Halloween Popcorn from Mix and Match Mama and it’s literally to die for. You gotta try it, road trip or not, because it’s so dang yummy!

And last, I always have all my basics with me. Hair ties, bobby pins, chapstick, hand sanitizer, Advil and sunglasses. Oh. And my camera! Gotta have it incase any photo-ops pop up!

What are your road trip essentials? Honestly, I’m hoping I’m not missing anything!

Just a little note, I won’t be posting a weekend round up this Sunday. We’ll be on our way back home, and won’t be getting in until late. So I’ll talk to you all on Monday!

I hope your weekends are filled with Halloween Haunts and treats. Stay safe!


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