San Antonio, Texas

This Travel Tuesday we’re heading South. Like way way way south. These next few weeks, we’re spending some time Deep in the Heart of Texas. It’s a place where culture and history pulses through the streets and margaritas and chili con carne are a way of life, not just a Friday night dinner.

That’s right. We’re in San Antonio!
So pretty… right??
I had the pleasure of visiting this little paradise last January. The NSCA has a huge coaches conference every year that Trevor goes to. I’m always jealous because he gets to go to some pretty cool places, and well, I’m constantly being bitten by the travel bug. Well last year, he happened to be the only coach from his school heading to the conference, so he asked me if I’d like to join him. And of course, I was in. So the second weekend in January we found ourselves leaving snowy cold Detroit and flying South.
There are so many things to love about this vibrant city. From the Alamo to the Riverwalk, San Antonio feels like a whole other world from the rest of Texas.

Where to Stay: You should 100% stay somewhere on the Riverwalk. I know, its super touristy, BUT you’ll be super close to everything and you’re probably going to end up somewhere on the Riverwalk every night. We stayed at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter. It was a BEAUTIFUL hotel, and we really liked it there. I even got to use the roof top pool in January. (SA was having an abnormally warm few days. It was 80 and sunny. I was thrilled!)
Here’s a pretty awful phone photo of our beautiful hotel. 
How Long to Stay: I was there for a long weekend. We flew in super late on a Wednesday night, and flew home early Sunday evening. I honestly thought this was the perfect amount of time. I had 3 full days to do what I wanted, and we were able to take one last walk on the Riverwalk on Sunday morning before we had to leave. I honestly don’t think you need much longer than that to see San Antonio. If I had a week’s worth of vacation, I might try to see another part of Texas first, then head to San Antonio for the weekend. I know if I had more time, I’d have loved to head into Hill Country or Austin. Just a lil food for thought 🙂 Speaking of food…
Where to Eat: There are so many amazing places to eat in San Antonio! I’ll be sharing all of my favorites in later posts, but if I had to choose one, absolute, can’t miss spot, it would be Casa Rio. Now, I know this place doesn’t rack up very high points on TripAdvisor, but I freaking loved it. The atmosphere was great, and my food was really good. However, I’m saying it’s my favorite because of their Chili Con Carne. I had ordered a plate with a bunch of different foods on it, so I could try as much of their menu as I could. (And since I was eating alone, I couldn’t sample other peoples plate’s like usual!) I saw a pile of brown goop that looked disgusting. Their menu had been boasting about their chili con carne, and I figured that was what it was. I decided not to try it, and ate around my plate. Eventually, (after a margarita or two) I decided to be brave and try the brown goop. This is when I realized I made a MAJOR mistake not ordering the biggest bowl of Chili Con Carne they had. It was freaking delicious. So go, try the Chili Con Carne, and thank me later. (However, if you don’t like spicy foods, you shouldn’t go near this thing with a 10 foot pole.)
Getting Around: San Antonio has an awesome bike share program called B Cycle. It’s super easy to use, and it will help you get around the city fairly quickly. Plus, there are stations literally all around the city, making it easy to park your bike. However, I found walking was just as simple. I personally don’t mind walking a mile or two to get where I want to go as long as it’s nice out. However, if you want to see The Missions, I highly recommend renting a car. (I’ll be talking more about that next week!)
What to Do: This trip brought out the History Lover in me. My number one recommendation of things to do in San Antonio is to visit all the Missions. They are so beautiful and so full of history. You will LOVE them even if you aren’t religious.
I’m so excited to share my favorite things about San Antonio with you all the next few weeks. I can’t believe that this is going to be my last travel series of the year! This year has seriously flown by. I mean it’s almost November. How the heck did that happen?!
Next week, we’re talking about the Missions!
I hope everyone has a happy Tuesday!

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