Weekend Roundup

Oh man guys. My weekend straight up FLEW by again and I’m so dang sad about it. My weekend was filled with family, fall adventures and good food. Going home always makes me so happy and I usually come back to the city feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead of me. But this week, I’m just bummed out. I felt like we didn’t get nearly enough time Up North, and we had to leave our Jacksy Cat there. (He’s staying at his Lovie’s since we’re heading out of state next weekend.) So now, I’m sitting here with a little piece of my heart missing.

Friday we got a late start and ended up stuck in SO MUCH traffic heading out of Detroit. We didn’t get home to really late and didn’t end up getting to go to my cousin’s game like we planned.

Saturday we were up bright and early to head on a Color Tour up M22! It was so dang beautiful! We spent the day in Glen Arbor. (One of our favorite places on this planet, in case you couldn’t tell by my millions of blog posts about it already!) We enjoyed their Pumpkin Festival, ate at Art’s Tavern and did a bunch of shopping at all the cute little shops.

That night we celebrated my Great Aunt Mary’s 70th birthday! And then we headed to my grandparents for drinks and family time.

Today, I visited my other grandparents, had Big Al’s strom and said out goodbyes.

Now we’re snuggled up at home and our place seems so quiet without our little man sprinting around and causing a ruckus! We’re in the middle of catching up with the new HBO show, Westworld. If you haven’t seen it, you need to.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends too! I’m only sharing a few pictures from this weekend today, because most will be in posts that you will see later these next two weeks! Tomorrow, I’m highlighting our Color Tour. It was SO PRETTY. I promise, you won’t want to miss it!


Sneak Peak of whats to come tomorrow! 





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