Weekend Roundup

Oh Sunday. My most favorite and least favorite day of the week all wrapped up into one. I love it because Sundays are made for being snuggly and lazy, but hate it because it’s the last day of the weekend.

This weekend was another really busy one. Honestly, all I want is a day to lay in bed and do absolutely nothing. I had a ton of work to catch up on, we were traveling again and we still had to do all our normal weekend errands. But, we don’t have a relaxing weekend anywhere in our near future. From now until Christmas we are SO DANG BUSY. But good busy! (Except for that at the end of the month we have to move our entire apartment over to one literally behind the building we’re in now. That will not be fun.) So, I suppose it’s time to embrace the busy and just roll with it!

Friday we headed down to visit with Trev’s family. His grandparents always make a stop at his parent’s house on their way down to Florida for the winter. I was pretty darn tempted to crawl in their van with them when they left this morning! I could use some Florida sunshine and beaches!

We went to a super cute pumpkin farm on Saturday while we were out and about helping Trev’s mom do some errands. And today we spent traveling back to Detroit and doing errands ourselves.


I’m hoping this week flies by because I’m really looking forward to next weekend! I’ve been SO homesick lately. I haven’t been home since my cousin’s wedding a month ago, and I’m seriously missing my family and pups.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


PS- So sorry this post is so short! I scratched my eye this weekend, can’t wear my contacts and my glasses are giving me a massive headache at the moment. I’m quite literally driving the struggle bus over here! HAHA

PPS- I just have to mention. I think the College Game Day signs were absolutely ON POINT this week. I think this might be my favorite sign I’ve seen all season. Can’t stop laughing!!!


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