How to have a Sweet Sweetest Day

STUPID INTERNET AND CABLE PROBLEMS. That is all I have to say. Sorry I was a no show for yesterday’s post. My internet has been out for more than 24 hours now and we’re about ready to pull our hair out. And lucky for us, the earliest they could get a technician to our place is Friday night. Insert MAJOR eye roll here. So we’re at Starbucks so I don’t have to miss ANOTHER blog post. Okay. Rant is over. Moving on!

Okay dudes. This post is for you. Are you looking to do something special with your sweetheart this Saturday? If not, you should be. It is Sweetest Day after all.

While most people choose not to celebrate it because it is just a “Hallmark Holiday” I beg to differ. I’m ALL ABOUT celebrating your sweetheart. And no, that doesn’t mean showering them in cards, gifts and flowers. Trust me, I get it. Sometimes, money is tight, and you just don’t have the extra to spend on a gift for a random holiday in the middle of October. So what can you do to show your sweetie just how much they mean to you? Spend the day with them and let them know just how important they are to you.
Besides… Sweetest Day isn’t the “Hallmark Holiday” everyone actually thinks. The first Sweetest Day was actually celebrated in Cleveland in 1922. It was planned by a group of 12 candy makers and they distributed over 20,000 boxes of candy to newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor. I mean… how can you not celebrate a holiday that began like that? 
My favorite thing about Sweetest Day with my hubby has always been that he goes the extra mile to make me feel special by planning a date day. Date Days are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. I will take them over a super fancy dinner that lasts only an hour any day. I love Date Days because it means we get to spend the whole day together, doing something we both want to do. And since Sweetest Day is always in the fall, for us, that means spending the day doing fun fall stuff… like the pumpkin patch!
So, here is a fool proof plan to make your girl the happiest girl in the world this Saturday, without breaking the bank.
Start the day off right. Do you live with your other half? If so, start the morning with breakfast in bed. Or have their cup of coffee waiting for them the second they open up their eyes. Or, go to The Waffle House. The Waffle House is guaranteed to make every day start off fantastically.
Sweetest Day, 2014
Find a fun fall activity. Spend the morning doing something full of fall fun. I mean, I’m always down for a cider mill or a pumpkin patch. Maybe theres a street fair, or a fall festival in your area. Do some research and find something festive! Spend the day exploring, and taking fun fall pictures. (Yup. That means posing for any selfies she wants to take!) Also, make sure that you snap some pictures of her too. If your girl is ANYTHING like me, she’s read that article about guys only taking pictures of things they really love. And she’s pry wondering why you don’t take more pictures of her when you’re out doing something fun.
Sweetest Day, 2015

Grab Lunch. While you’re out, stop and grab some lunch. Trev and I love breweries,and for some reason, we think they’re at their best in the fall. (There’s just something about pumpkin craft beer that makes my heart explode with happiness!)

Rochester Mills. Great little brewery if you’re out and about in ‘burbs. 
College Football. Now there’s two words most guys can get behind. If you spend the morning doing something fun, I promise your girl will be happy to sit and enjoy the game with you (even if she doesn’t like football), whether you’re curled up and home on the couch or at your favorite bar cheering on your team with a few of your friends.
Movie Night. My FAVORITE thing to do on a chilly Saturday night is to snuggle up and watch my favorite fall movies. So grab the snuggly blankets and popcorn and head to the couch. You can watch ORIGINAL DCom movies On Demand with Disney Channel. I’m not even joking. You’ll find Halloweentown, Underwraps, Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire and all the other Fall classics. Of course you can always find movies to terrify you on Netflix, or stream your favorite Halloween Classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Adams Family and Casper. (Or if you’re weird like me, Casper Meets Wendy because you think it’s wayyyy better.) And of course, you could always pull out your copy of Hocus Pocus because everyone in their right mind owns this masterpiece. (If you don’t own this classic, you’re crazy and I’m not sure we can be friends. Because COME ON these are the best!) tumblr_nwz0z7lym51qar83lo1_1280
Okay. Now I’m seriously sad we don’t get to have Date Day this Sweetest Day! We have family obligations all weekend. But if we didn’t, we’d be heading to the pumpkin patch, the brewery, watching football and ending the night with Hocus Pocus, guaranteed! Speaking of the weekend… I hope your weekend is filled with fall fun! I’ll be back Sunday.

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