Workout Myths and Fads

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been so long. As you may know, as a strength coach at a university, when school starts up, I get busy! The teams start practicing and training again which means my day is full of athletes expecting me to give my best and to give them the means to be the best athletes they can be. Because I have very curious athletes, I am constantly having to explain why we are doing a certain exercise or why we aren’t doing some that they see on YouTube. Today’s post will be a little like that, I want to talk about a few workout myths that tend to pop up every once in a while.

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials that tell you take this pill or simply eat this one food and you’ll lose a bunch of weight overnight. I’m sorry to break it to you, but those magic pills don’t exist. In general, that amount of weight loss simply isn’t healthy. Losing weight takes time, dedication, consistency, and a plan. Remember back when I talked about goal setting? A reasonable goal of weight loss is about 2 pounds per week. This allows you to gradually make changes to your diet and exercise routine that make it a little easier to keep up with. You’ve heard of yo-yo dieting right? When you take drastic measures to lose weight, you’re either cutting way back on calories or going too crazy with a workout. Those extremes are very hard to do consistently, and people end up giving up on them. Smaller, more manageable steps to weight loss, gives you a better chance at staying consistent with your plan and achieving your goal.

Another myth I see is targeted fat loss. People want to lose their love handles or “tone” up their arms or legs. By simply targeting your stomach doing a bunch of crunches, you may be burning calories and it may feel like you’re really working that muscle. But, in the grand scheme of things, burning calories is burning calories. Although the areas around the muscles working tend to burn more fat, it simply isn’t enough to see results right away. Don’t lose hope! You just need to add some more cardio to get that 6-pack to poke through.

The next myth really isn’t a myth but more of a fad that pops up quite a bit. Cleanses are attempts at ridding the body of all that nasty stuff that’s in there. First of all, if you need to cleanse your body, then maybe you should be thinking more about what you’re putting in your body… Second, your body has a built in cleansing mechanism. It’s called your liver. It does a great job. For your sake (and your wallet’s) skip the cleanses.

To recap, there is no magic pill, you can’t crunch away your spare tire, and cleanses are a waste of money. You’ve heard the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” and this holds completely true with health and fitness. Being healthy isn’t a fad or a get-slim quick trick, it’s a lifestyle of making smart choices with your food and being active.

Next time, I’ll be sharing a 15 minute workout to start your day off right. It’s so easy, you’ll forget that you were even considering that cleanse!

Trevor Klump MS, CSCS, USAW1, Pn1

PS- HI GUYS! It’s MEEEEEEE. (I totally said that in an Andie Anderson voice. I hope you did too.) Sorry this post is so short! Trev’s been SO busy with his athletes that his guest post was his last priority at the moment. (As it should be.) I know most of you are waiting to for his workout expertise, and I pinky promise you’ll see it in his October post! Happy Weekend Loves!

One thought on “Workout Myths and Fads

  1. Hey Trevor, I know you don’t know me, but I went to college with savannah, and have been big into health and fitness for a long time now. Great post! I always appreciate when trainers are real with the people they’re trying to help instead of sugar coating or trying to teach shortcuts. Your athletes are lucky to have you!


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