What To Watch, Fall 2016

Side Note… because I’m a normal human I have approximately zero photos of me watching TV where I’m not wearing mismatched PJs and zit cream. So enjoy this photo of Trev and I enjoying a leaf fight instead. HAHAHA

 Hi. My name is Savannah and I have a problem. I am addicted to TV. All types of TV. From The Bachelor to Ancient Aliens, I always have AT LEAST 6 shows a week that I’m watching. Then, September rolls around, and my DVR ends up at capacity. My favorite shows are all coming back, and I just can’t contain my excitement! So get your remotes ready. Here’s what I’m watching on Primetime this Fall, and you should be watching too!


Football. Duh.

Quantico quickly became one of my new favorite shows last year, and I’m so thrilled they’re bringing it back! I love everything about this show, from the action to the actors. I also really love Priyanka Chopra’s hair. I mean seriously. Girl is flawless. ABC at 10 pm. 


Dancing With The Stars is HANDS DOWN one of my favorite shows of all time! I’m super excited this year, because some of my favorite pros are back in the ballroom. And, like most of America, I caught Olympic Fever and just adore Laurie Hernandez. I’m not a betting (wo)man, but if I were, my money would be on her to win the Mirrorball! ABC at 8 pm

The Big Bang Theory is by far one of my favorite comedies on television. I love those awesome nerds. (Points for you if you can name the movie!) This show is seriously funny, and if you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, you need to. They’re beginning this season with Leonard and Penny’s big wedding and I just may be as excited about it as I was for my own! CBS at 8 pm (Until October, when it moves back to Thursday nights!)

Scorpion technically doesn’t come back until October, but I have to put it on this list anyways! Probably one of the least popular shows on my list, this little gem is severely overlooked. You follow the lives of Walter O’Brien and the rest of Team Scorpion while they save the US from threats. But, this team is no ordinary group of people. They are all geniuses. It’s based off the real Walter O’Brien’s life, and guys, I totally want to be friends him. I mean, the guy hacked into NASA when he was 12. If you haven’t seen it, set those DVRs NOW. I promise. You’ll love it! CBS at 10 pm


The Middle is moving to Tuesdays this year! So if you love the Heck family like I do, be sure to take note! I’m thrilled to spend a half hour in Orson, Indiana every week. I love the Hecks. They have to be the most relatable family on TV. Plus, Sue is my soul sister. ABC at 8 pm

New Girl is back! New Girl is back! New Girl is back! I’m going to go play some True American to mentally prepare myself. Wait… we don’t have any beer and I CAN’T FIND MY DRIVING MOCCASINS ANYWHERE. And if you aren’t mentally telling me to put a dollar in the douche bag jar, we can’t be friends. Fox at 8:30 pm 

Scream Queens instantly became one of my favorite shows last year when The Chanels came into my life, and I never, ever wanted them to leave. I HATE blood and gore, and don’t like to be scared. But guys, this show is so witty, the cast is amazing and the mystery of it keeps me up at night going all Nancy Drew dissecting the episodes, trying to figure out who the killer is. Oh and did I mention John Stamos will be gracing us with his presence this season?! I’m sold. Fox at 9 pm


Survivor is back for it’s 33rd season and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I remember the night the first episode of Survivor ever aired. I was in 5th grade, and my parents and I ordered pizza while we watched. I was hooked on it, and still watch it religiously. I also own more Surivor buffs than I can count. However, I have to say last season wasn’t my favorite. I think because I kinda sorta fell in love with Joe Anglim and now every season that doesn’t have him on it just totally isn’t good enough. Go ahead. Try and tell me he’s not the best Survivor player of all time. I dare you! CBS at 8 pm

Designated Survivor is new this season and it looks like the type of show Trev and I will LOVE. If you haven’t seen the trailer check it out here. Looks pretty bad ass… right? ABC at 10 pm 


Superstore is a new favorite of ours! We binge watched the first season last weekend and it was so funny! Definitely worth checking out, especially if you love “workplace comedies”. Think The Office, and Parks and Rec. Plus, who doesn’t love America Ferrera? NBC at 8 pm

Project Runway is the holy grail of Lifetime TV in my opinion, and it comes back tonight! Oh how I’ve missed you, Tim Gunn! Every single designer on that show completely amazes me. I wish I could just sew two pieces of fabric together without crying, and they can make insanely gorgeous outfits in two days! If for some crazy reason you’ve never seen this show, and you love fashion, you have to watch! Lifetime at 9 pm

I don’t have ANY shows that I watch on Fridays. How sad is that? I used to LIVE for TGIF. And no… not the restaurant. Ahhh the 90s. What a time to be alive. Especially when Mary Kate and Ashley introduced Two of a Kind. OH NO. Now I’m going down the black hole of 90s TV commercials on YouTube. See you never.

And Saturdays are for Hallmark Channel and College Football. Okay. Now I’m even more excited for all my shows to come back! If you need me, I’ll be snuggled up on my couch. What are you watching this Fall?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We’re heading Up North tomorrow afternoon FOR MY COUSIN’S WEDDING! I’m so excited you guys! I can’t wait to share a few pictures on my next weekend round up.

See you Sunday!


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