Hell, Michigan

Go To Hell! Seriously. I’ve been told that sooo many times in my life. But not because of the reason you’re probably thinking. Hell just so happens to be a small town in Michigan. Now, I’ve lived in Michigan for 26 years (just a few weeks shy of 27) and I’d never taken the highway to Hell. (Hahaha I’m having way to much fun with this.) So this past weekend, Trev and I found ourselves on a mini road trip to see what the Hell all the fuss was about. Oh my goodness. Hell was so not what we expected, but we did have one Hell of a good time. (Someone stop me!)

But before you decide you’re going to Hell, there are a few things that you should know. The first, Hell is TINY. Like three buildings tiny. The next, don’t plan to spend a whole lot of time in Hell. An hour or two will be way more than enough! The last, don’t plan a trip specifically to go to Hell. I would highly recommend it as a unique place to grab some lunch, or get out of the car and stretch your legs as you’re passing by.

When you arrive in Hell, you’ll notice that this town takes it’s name super seriously. You’ll see the Hell Hole Bar, the Hell Salon, and Screams. As you walk under the Gates of Hell (no I’m not joking) you’ll see a ton of photo ops. I bet if the Guinness Book of World Records had a category for most “Face in Hole” boards, this place would come out on top!

As you keep walking towards the damn/river you’ll see a little building that looks oddly like a chapel. And guess what? It totally is. I’m not joking! You can actually get married in Hell! (Click here for more information.)

Keep walking past the bridge, and you’ll find a love lock bridge. It’s ALMOST as cool as the one in Paris. Almost. We brought our own lock, but you can buy them in Screams if you don’t bring one along.

Head into Screams for your souvenirs, Halloween decor, and ice cream (from the Creamatory). If you’re hungry, you can walk over to the Hell Hole Bar. If you want to send a postcard, they have a post office where they literally singe your mail before they send it. And, if you’re looking for an extra special surprise for a loved one, you can make them the Mayor of Hell. All you have to do is decide which day you’re going to visit, and then order your mayorship here.

Hell is the kind of town you’ll miss if you blink, but you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. You may not be able to spend the entire day there, but luckily, Hell is located within the Pinckney Recreation Area. There are trails, campgrounds, rivers, fishing and kayaking just down the road. However, I think the trip is totally worth it in itself, because you can officially say you’ve been to Hell and back.

I hope everyone is loving the gorgeous weather today as much as I am. I’m not usually a huge fan of Monday’s but the sunshine is making me oh so happy! Oh.. and DANCING WITH THE STARS COMES BACK TONIGHT! Eeeek I’m so excited. I’ll be back tomorrow with more from Jackson Hole. I’ll see you then!




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