Labor Day Weekend

Well. It’s officially my least favorite day of the year. Labor Day. The only reason it’s my least favorite? Because it means it’s my last day of summer vacation. (School doesn’t start until after Labor Day in Michigan.) While I have SO many fun things to look forward to, I still always find myself clinging on to summer when it’s time for it to go. So, I made sure that we made our last weekend of summer a good one!

We spent the weekend Up North (is there anywhere else to spend the end of summer than by the lake?!) with my family. We watched some sunsets, spent some time at the beach, hung out with family, watched some football (GO BLUE!) and had a cookout/bonfire. Trev and my dad had a lot of “guy time” this weekend and fished and golfed pretty much every day. We also celebrated my Grandma’s birthday, and walked in the last parade of the summer for my uncle.

Overall, it was a really relaxing weekend and the perfect end to our crazy busy summer! I’m off to finish getting ready to head back to school tomorrow. Teachers have to lay out their “first day” outfits too you know!

I hope you all had the greatest long weekend.



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