Wedding 101: The Wedding Hashtag

“To hashtag or not to hashtag… that is the question.” – William Shakespeare

At least I think that was the exact quote from Hamlet… right? HAHA  Just kidding. However, you might need to channel your inner Shakespeare when it comes to choosing your wedding hashtag.

Unless you are having an unplugged wedding, or are a couple who isn’t big on social media, chances are, you’ll want a wedding hashtag. Why? It’s a crazy easy way to see all of your guest’s posts from your wedding. And trust me. After your wedding is over, and you finally get back from your reception, you’re going to be exhausted, and probably pretty hungry. Trev and I laid down and ate the leftover food from our brunch that morning (powdered donuts for the win!) and checked out our wedding hashtag on Instagram to see our guest’s photos. They were the first pictures we’d seen of our wedding, and we seriously loved reliving our day through their pictures, especially knowing our photos and video wouldn’t be ready for quite a long time.

So… how do you go about creating a perfect hashtag, that represents you both as a couple, is unique, and easy to remember? I’ll be the first to tell you, it’s not easy. And you definitely shouldn’t use one of those online generators. So turn on some music, snuggle in with your love, and get ready to brainstorm.

First things first. The simple Dos and Don’ts of creating your hashtag.

  • DO make it easy to remember. The shorter and catchier, the better.
  • DON’T be afraid to use “wedding words”. Words like new, happily, hitched, ever after, I Do, and newlyweds. Sometimes, they help to spark an idea for your hashtag!
  • DO be sure to check your ideas before settling. You might think you’ve come up with something super creative, but check it and find someone else has used it.
  • DON’T be afraid to be funny or a little crazy. Weddings can end up being kind of a serious affair, I was constantly looking for ways to make my day a little bit more fun.
  • DO flaunt your hashtag as soon as you’ve chosen it. The more  you use it, the more likely your guests will remember it and use it too.
  • DON’T settle for “MrandMrs(InsertLastNameHere)” or just your date. Chances are, someone else out there could be using the exact same hashtag and your photos will end up mixed in with theirs.
  • And the biggest DON’T I have? DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE A SYMBOL. Hashtags don’t work with symbols in them. And then all the work you put into creating the perfect hashtag will be for nothing, because you won’t be getting the full hashtag on social media.

Now that thats out of the way, it’s time to get to business. But where do you start?

First, look at your names! It might sound silly, but seriously! Your soon to be last name might perfectly lend itself to your wedding hashtag. (#ToHaveAndToHolton) Maybe you are getting married in a barn, and your last name starts with a B? A little alliteration can go a long way! (#BrownsInTheBarn) Or maybe your last name is a perfect play on words. (#WrightStateOfMind) Your names are the best place to start!

Now, maybe the last name you’re working with isn’t really lending itself to the whole wedding hashtag deal. (That was our problem!) What else could you do? Start by looking at wedding words/phrases. Does your name fit with any of them? (#HappilyEverAtkins)

Still not having any luck? Try something from pop culture. Books, movies, tv shows, songs, bands, can give you some great inspiration. Seriously. I remember seeing #WedLongAndProsper once on the internet and thought it was genius. This is how we came up with ours. Ever heard of a little band called New Kids On The Block? Well, you’re talking to one of the #NewKlumpsOnTheBlock.

If pop culture doesn’t help you, think about the things that are unique to you as a couple. Maybe you are high school sweethearts? (#PromDateToLifemate) Maybe you both (luckily!) already have the same last name. (#JohnsonsSquared) Maybe you share a common interest. Maybe you use the location of your wedding as inspiration. Remember that inside joke that gets you both in stitches? That could work too. There are  so many things you can draw ideas from.

And if all else fails, and you have to settle for your last name plus the word wedding, add some numbers to it so that it becomes a little more unique.

To Recap.

  • It’s okay to use puns, be corny, have rhyme and alliteration. These things tend to make you cringe normally, but they help to make things memorable. Besides, this is your day. Be as cringeworthy as you want!
  • Try to avoid words that are easily misspelled.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word. It makes it easier to read!
  • Check your hashtag before you get your heart set on it.
  • Flaunt your hashtag! Seriously. As soon as you choose it put it on EVERYTHING. Any posts of the wedding planning process, your wedding website, save the dates. Anywhere you can think.

Chances are, your wedding hashtag may not come to you right away. Trev and I spent quite a few nights coming up with ours. Don’t over think it, and don’t get frustrated. The perfect hashtag will come to you in no time!

Guys. The long weekend is almost here! I’m so excited. Tomorrow, I’m sharing with you the yummiest recipe to finish off your summer with a splash! Come back tomorrow to see what I’m cooking up!


3 thoughts on “Wedding 101: The Wedding Hashtag

  1. This is super helpful, currently trying to come up with a hashtag but i’m not the most punny so it’s a difficult task. I will try out some of your tips and see if that sparks some inspo!


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