Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Guys. I’ve been walking around in my cowboy boots since last Thursday because I’m SO EXCITED about the new travel series we’re about to start today! We’re leaving behind the mountains of Canada and heading to the last of the old west. That’s right… we’re going to Jackson Hole!


Be still, my heart. (Insert heart eye emoji!)

Jackson Hole is honestly one of my favorite places in this world. The first time I saw the Tetons was the first time I saw any part of the Rocky Mountains, and I was completely awestruck. I mean… how do you not instantly fall in love with those jagged, snow capped peaks?!

In honor of their 100th birthday, the National Park Service has encouraged people to go out, and Find Your Park. There are so many national parks that I absolutely LOVE, but for me, my park always has (and always will be) Grand Teton National Park.

Deep in a glacial carved valley, surrounded by the highest mountain peaks in the state of Wyoming, you’ll find Jackson Hole, a place that has been calling to cowboys, dude ranchers, hikers, skiers and outdoor enthusiasts for as long as anyone can remember. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, you are guaranteed to fall in love with with this little piece of Hevean on Earth.


Do I have you sold yet?

Where to Stay: Saying “stay somewhere in the town of Jackson” might sound a little silly. DUH right? Wrong. There are tons of small towns and almost remote locations you can book a rental home or hotel. But I promise, you’ll love being near town. When you spend all day exploring nature, it will be nice not to have to go far for dinner, and have a few other people around! If you’re looking for a hotel, you will quickly find that luxury is not lacking in Jackson. (JT and Jessica Biel vacation here people.) Places like The Four Seasons and The Wort Hotel are here to pamper you, and wait on you hand and foot. More in the business of skiing than pampering? There is no better place than The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. However, I totally recommend renting a house for the duration of your visit. We found this little gem through VRBO and couldn’t have been happier with our stay!


Where to Eat: We ate at SO many great places in Jackson, but I had one stand out favorite… Snake River Brewing. Get the Smokin’ Mac. You’ll thank me later! Wash it down with a Snake River Lager while you’re at it. Then finish your meal off with a campfire s’more.  


Where to Drink: One bar you HAVE to visit in Jackson is the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. This place is like a museum for the wild west. I mean, how many other bars in the world can you sit on a saddle while you belly up to the bar? Personally, I wouldn’t bother trying to grab food here, just get some drinks. Speaking of drinks… The Yellowstone Lemonade and The Sleeping Indian are freaking delicious!


What to Do: Okay… it seems a little obvious to say Grand Teton National Park. But thats totally my number one choice of things to do here. I promise I’ll be going into detail about all my favorite places in the national park in the next few weeks. In town, check out the awesome little stores, take pictures by the antler arches, book fun tours (like white water rafting) and eat until your heart’s content. Maybe if you’re lucky, you can even catch a rodeo!

Image 1

I’m so excited to bring one of my favorite places on this planet to my blog the next few Tuesdays. I’ll be sharing detailed itineraries, tips for navigating the national park, and where to find the best attractions, food and brews. I just know that by the time this travel series is over, I’ll have you booking a plane ticket to Jackson!


I hope you’re all enjoying your Tuesday! See you tomorrow.


17 thoughts on “Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  1. This is beautiful!! There is something so amazing about snow capped mountains in the distance….I love them!! It looks like y had a wonderful time!!


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