Traverse City… What to eat besides cherries.

Today I’m here to talk about one of my most favorite things in this world… FOOD. And not just any food. I’m here to tell you about all the best food in a little place called Traverse City, Michigan. Excited? You should be.

If you’ve never been to TC, you need to get yourself there, STAT. Feel like spending some time in The Great Outdoors? You can do that. Maybe you want to spend your day sipping wine? There’s no better place in Michigan. Feel like wandering through downtown to do some shopping? You guessed it. You can do that too. TC is the kind of place you’ll visit and never want to leave. Promise!

No matter what you do while you’re visiting this beautiful place, you’re going to need to eat. And this is where I come in. I’ve done all the hard work for you, and ate at hundreds of restaurants in the area. While I like to try new places, there are a few that I ALWAYS end up running back to. I’ve been going to TC since the day I was born (Only an hour drive from Manistee, it’s the closest “big city” with a mall, and we love to spend the day wandering downtown, eating and doing all the great things TC has to offer!) so I can proudly say, I’ve done quite a bit of “research” in their eating department. HAHA

Okay. Time to stop rambling. Let’s jump right in!

*Please note, these are my personal opinions. By NO MEANS are they the only places you should check out in the area, they are just my personal favorites.)

Best Breakfast: There is only ONE place to get breakfast in TC, and that is Patisserie Amie. They serve French food so authentic, I feel like I’m back in Paris! I’ve literally never had anything there I haven’t loved. Is it kind of pricey? Yeah… I can promise you, it’s totally worth it. Plus, it’s super close to downtown, and easy to find! My Order: I go back and fourth depending on my mood! If I want sweet, Banana Nutella Waffles all the way! If I want savory, Croque Madame for the win.


Best Burger: I’m probably going to get some hate for this one… I feel like everyone loves Slabtown Burgers best. Don’t get me wrong, I freaking love their burgers, however… my favorite are at Dons Drive In! You guys. These are big, greasy, piles of amazingness. There is no other way to describe their old fashioned hamburgers. Plus, their fries and chocolate shakes are to freakin’ die for. Trust me when I tell you, these burgers kick some serious butt. My Order: 1/4 pound cheeseburger (with mayo, ketchup and lettuce), a side of fries, and a chocolate shake. Be careful when you order your fries… don’t order a carload unless you plan on sharing with 3 of your closest friends, or if you’re really hungry!


Best Sandwich: Everyone knows, if you want a sandwich in TC you head to the Chef’s In. This teeny little place, attached to Burritt’s may not look like much, but every day around lunch time, you’ll find a line of people waiting for one of the best sandwiches you’ll ever eat. Be sure to choose this as a lunch spot, it’s only open until 4:00 pm every day! My Order: “Create Your Own Cold Sandwich” You walk in, fill out the piece of paper and hand it to them. I always end up with turkey or ham! But I promise, you won’t be disappointed with anything on the menu.


Best Mexican Food: There are so many great places to get a taco fix in TC. If you’re looking for a more “sit down” type dinner, head to a place like Red Mesa. BUT if you like quick and easy, The Taco House is the place for you! It is LITERALLY THE BEST and honestly one of my favorite places to eat in all of Traverse City. (Your girl loves tacos… what can I say?) My Order: I always get a Combo Platter (I can’t remember which number!!) that includes a wet burrito, taco, salad (with the best dressing ever) rice and beans with a side of sour cream. It’s so much food, I can never eat it all! PS- I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of Taco House while I was out and about last Friday! I guess I was too busy running inside to get my food…

Best Pub: My favorite spot to grab a drink in TC has to be Kilkenny’s Irish Pub! The atmosphere is so fun, and their food is awesome. They have great house made cocktails too! Maybe I adore this place most because I love Irish Pubs (there are plenty of great bars in TC!) but it is for sure worth a stop! My Order: If I’m getting food, I always get their fish and chips! You have to try the Kilkenny’s Northern Light if you like beer. It’s really good!


Best Pizza: The best place to grab pizza in TC? The Filling Station. This brewery (their beer freaking rocks) has flat bread pizza that is literally what dreams are made of. The first time we ever went, we ended up ordering more pizza while we were eating because it was THAT GOOD. If you don’t like thin crust pizza, you might not like this, however, I still think you should try it. My Order: Three Rivers Flatbread Pizza or The Wolverine Flatbread Pizza and one of their craft beers. (My beer order always changes… depends on what I’m feeling that day!)


Most Unique: Looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary for dinner? You gotta check out The Little Fleet! It’s home to a bar and TC’s best food trucks. I don’t think I need to say anymore about this place other than GO. It’s awesome! My Order: Always changes. I’ve never had the same thing twice… there are way too many trucks to choose from! But I can promise you, no matter what you choose you’ll love!


Best Sweets: Okay. Traverse City is known for their cherries… so you might as well have some cherry sweets after you eat! The best place for your cherry needs is Cherry Republic. It’s totally possible that I love this place so much because I live my life by their motto (“Life, Liberty, Beaches and Pie”) but they truly have amazing products! Plus, they have SO MANY SAMPLES out every time you walk in. So you can try everything before you buy it! My Favorites: Imperial Chocolate Covered Cherries, Sour Cherry Patches, Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries, and Cherry Salsa. (Not a sweet, but totally worth the buy! You can’t buy anything bad at Cherry Republic!)


I bet you’re feeling a little bit hungry now! I know I am. Maybe I can call Don’s and convince them to deliver…

I hope you’re all having  a happy Monday! It turns out I’m stuck in Northern Michigan all week (Not that I’m complaining! Can you say beach days?!) because the part they need to fix my car is back ordered until Thursday. Hope your week is starting out right, and goes by quickly. Remember… LONG WEEKEND AHEAD!

Tomorrow, we’re leaving the Canadian Rockies behind for a whole new location. I’ll give you a hint… grab your cowboy boots. We’re heading to the last of the wild west!






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