Weekend Roundup

You know how some weekends just leave your heart so happy? That was the kind of weekend I’ve had.

Trev drove up Thursday after work, and we were able to spend a nice long weekend Up North. (I’ve been here since Monday, my car is in the shop getting fixed.) We spent Thursday night walking on the Riverwalk and catching a sunset.


Friday we woke up early to head to Traverse City. We had breakfast at THE BEST breakfast place in town, Patisserie Amie. Ugh just thinking about my Croque Madame is making my mouth water. Be sure to check the blog tomorrow! I’m going to be talking about all my favorite places to eat in TC, and I promise to tell you more about this amazing little breakfast spot!


Friday night, Trev and my dad went golfing, and my mom and I went to see my cousin cheer at the first high school football game of the season! In case you’re wondering… the Sabers kicked some serious butt.


We spent most of Saturday inside. It POURED all morning. We were a little bummed, we were hoping to get some fishing in. Instead, we ate pancakes and binge watched Stranger Things. (Who else is completely obsessed?!) Saturday evening we headed to my Grandma’s for a Low Country Boil. Oh man. I think I ate my weight in crab. No joke. It was so good, if I didn’t know better, I’d have thought I was in Louisiana. It is the PERFECT meal to celebrate the end of summer. So don’t you worry. I’ve got my Daddy’s recipe and will be sharing it with you later this week! Can you say Labor Day Weekend Dinner?!


And today, we got to celebrate my cousin and his soon to be wife! We had the greatest time throwing them an “I Do BBQ”! Everything turned out SO CUTE. My mom, aunt and I worked so hard on everything and just loved how it all came together. But mostly, we loved celebrating Matt and Lisa! They are getting married in just three short weeks and we can’t wait to come back up for their big day!


I’m still Up North until my car gets all fixed up. Trev headed back to Detroit already, but he really didn’t want to leave. We always find it SO HARD to pack up the car and head back to the city, especially when it’s such a beautiful day. Lucky for us, we get to spend Labor Day weekend up here too! We’ve got a lot of fun things planned, plus we’ll be walking in another parade with my Uncle and celebrating my Grandma’s birthday!

But for now, Jacksy Cat and I are snuggled in and ready to watch some Hallmark movies. And probably take a nap. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



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