Wedding 101: Choosing Your Wedding Decor

The big details have all been decided. You’ve booked your venue, chosen your colors, decided on a style/theme (or chose themeless like me!). The hardest decisions have been made. Now, it’s time to choose the decor. You know, the stuff that will make your vision a reality, and put your wedding over the top… but not too over the top.

I remember thinking “do I really need decor?” I’m here to tell you that yes, you do. Just like a birthday party isn’t complete without balloons, a wedding isn’t complete without a little extra somethin’ somethin’. So how do you choose the wedding decor that is right for you?

If you’re going with a theme, chances are your decor choices will be much easier. Going with rustic chic? You know you’ll have burlap and mason jars somewhere on your tables. Maybe you’re theme is nautical. You’ll probably have some sea shells or jars with sand. But what happens for those of you that choose themeless? Choosing the decor can be kind of difficult.

I would start with your Pinterest boards. It’s easy to go through and see the things that you absolutely love about other peoples weddings. Scroll through and make a note of the things that stick out to you the most. Then, cut your list in half. There is nothing worse than over decorating. You don’t want your guests heads to be spinning trying to see everything you put out… you want them to be looking at you!

Next, look at your lists and decide what you can’t live without. Do you really want to make sure you have a tribute to your loved ones that have passed away? How about a really intricate centerpiece? Its all up to you! There are a few decor items that you can’t shy away from. Just be sure they all go together. They don’t need to be matchy matchy, but they should compliment each other.

  1. Table Numbers. Your guests have to know where they will be sitting! Choose ones that compliment your venue, style or theme. (Table numbers may not be needed if you aren’t having a plated dinner, however, it will make it easier to dismiss tables for the food line if you have them!) I LOVED my table numbers that I found on Etsy!
  2. Card Box. The card box almost always gets over looked, but it’s important! Your guests need a place to put their cards. Find something unique. Don’t worry about finding something that is actually labeled “card box”, you can use anything that speaks to you! I ended up finding mine at Pier 1. It was actually a glass terrarium and it worked perfectly!
  3. Lighting. You need to have some type of light at or near your tables, especially if you are planning to have a dimly lit reception. Whether its’s a string of lights hanging above, or candles as a part of your center piece, your tables will need a little extra lighting.
  4. Signs. Your guests are going to need some sort of directions at different points during your big day. I always appreciate having a sign pointing me in the right direction. I highly recommend having a large sign pointing out where guests need to go, and small ones with instructions if there is anything that guests need to do. (For example, if they need to take their place card to their tables, it’s nice to have a small sign to let them know!)

Once you have your ideas, it’s time to start shopping! My personal favorite place to find unique things for my wedding was Etsy. You can honestly find anything on there, and I love knowing that I am supporting people and their small businesses. Other great places? Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and even Oriental Trading. And, if you know what you want far enough ahead of time, you can even try Estate Sales. (My dad and cousins found me all the vintage gold frames I needed for pictures of my loved ones, and two huge frames for signs at estate sales during the summer/fall before my wedding.)

Be sure to think about some decorations for your ceremony too! (My father in law made me these STUNNING pillars and flower boxes. I showed him a picture of what I wanted and they turned out so perfectly! I also had a large sign instead of programs. These were the only “decorations” I had. Sweet and simple!)

My biggest piece of advice? Don’t buy the first thing you see. Shop around, do research, and look for the best price. You can end up going WAY over you budget if you get distracted by all the pretty things that in the “wedding” sections of internet websites. Try to find things that are unique, and will make your wedding special.



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