Weekend Roundup

Happy Sunday Loves!

Before I even start talking about my weekend, I HAVE to tell you about what I made for dinner tonight. Last week, I watched one of my personal favorite bloggers, The Mix and Match Mama on Hallmark’s Home and Family. She made these Cheeseburger Meatballs and everyone there was raving about how good they were. Well, my hubby and I LOVE cheeseburgers, and just had to try them. We finally got around to it tonight, and OH. EM. GEE. They were freaking delicious! You absolutely HAVE to make them for dinner one night this week. They are super easy, and so crazy good!

Okay. I’ve talked about meatballs for long enough now.

These past few days have been so awesome for Trev and I! Friday night we laid low, munched on McDs and watched the Olympics. We had a long day ahead of us on Saturday! IMG_3627

Saturday we headed back to Grand Rapids, (the city where we both went to college and met) to help my baby (okay, she’s so not a baby anymore!) cousin move into her first apartment! She’s starting school at our Alma Mater, Grand Valley State University this fall. Her apartment is seriously SO CUTE! My whole family was there to help her move. We had so much fun visiting with everyone and helping her settle in. We felt so lucky to be a part of such a special day in her life.


When we finished up at her apartment, we headed up towards Allendale to take a trip down memory lane. We got a drink at one of our favorite pubs with my parents and grandma before they headed back north.


Then we went to the apartment complex where we both lived and met. It hadn’t changed a bit. We found our old apartments and of course, took pictures with them. I lived in T3 for 3 years and I loved it there. I miss that townhouse so dang much! IMG_3615IMG_3571IMG_3575

After that, we drove over to campus to walk around. SO much had changed! But it was still just as wonderful as we remembered. IMG_3583IMG_3589IMG_3590IMG_3594IMG_3600IMG_3612

We had the best time walking down memory lane, and were sad when we had to leave to head back to Detroit. Grand Rapids is seriously one of our favorite places in this world, and we will always miss living there.

Today was a day for laundry, cleaning (so. much. cleaning.), grocery shopping, and meal prep. IMG_3633

Yes. That’s his old Game Boy… and he’s playing Pokemon Red. Blast from the freaking past! 
I’m looking forward to snuggling in and enjoying the Olympics tonight! Hope everyone had a great weekend. It was crazy hot in Michigan these past few days. I’m just hoping it cools down… FAST. I don’t know how many more of these “heat index of 103” days I can handle!



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