Exercise? I thought you said Accessorize…

Want to know what I hate? Going to the gym. And running.
Like, I totally get you  Ann Perkins.


And I’m not going to sugar coat it… I’m not very good at the whole “working out” thing. All through my life (from the time I was 4 through college), I danced. I spent hours at the studio every week, so I never really learned how to “work out” in a gym, or how to go for a long run (and actually enjoy it).

So when I stopped dancing, I had to find a way to keep active and try to live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, it’s SO HARD to fit working out into my day, especially when I’m super busy. But I know it’s important. In general, I try to do something active for 40 minutes to an hour every day. Usually it’s some type of cardio or yoga.

However, I know I need some strength training in there. How do I know this? I married a Strength and Conditioning coach. When you marry someone who has a masters degree in Exercise Physiology, you kinda have to listen to what they say about working out. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m SO STUBBORN when he tries to give me new work outs. (But seriously… I can’t run a mile as my warm up. I’m not a college athlete, Babe!) And, even though it pains me to admit it, I know he’s totally right! And he knows, I can’t do what his athletes do. So we started working on a fitness plan together, that is a happy medium between both our fitness styles (you know somewhere between fitness expert and can’t run without tripping and falling on her face). And then I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea! I’m serious. I am a total genius. (Gold star if you can name the movie… any 90s girl should be able too!)

Sooooo I’ve asked my handsome hubby if once a month, he’d like to do a guest blog post. Good news! He said yes! So he’s going to be helping me get fit, and we’ll be sharing it with you.

Until that first post goes up, I wanted to share my personal favorite ways of staying active with you.

My absolute favorite thing in the world is going on walks, especially when I’m home visiting my parents. There is a Riverwalk in my hometown and it is SO BEAUTIFUL. It starts downtown and winds it’s way along the river all the way down to the beach. Plus, it’s a 3 mile walk. So it’s truly a great workout.

When I’m not Up North, I have a bit harder of a time finding a place to walk, just because no where around here is as pretty as what I’m used to…. and the city is SO MUCH HOTTER. I seriously miss that breeze off the lake! So I usually turn to YouTube.

YouTube has some seriously awesome work outs on it! However, I have two favorites.

The first is Blogilates. Cassey Ho is the creator of Pop Pilates (pilates to pop music) and the Blogilates fitness empire. Her videos are so fun! And she’s seriously so encouraging. She has an infectious energy that makes working out seem not so bad. Check out her website to see what she is all about.

The next is The Fitness Marshall. You guys… this is dancing… for a workout. And it’s freaking awesome. I LOVE all of his dances and I seriously get the best workout in every time I do them. He has a “Sweat Set” that he changes weekly, so you get about an hours worth of dancing in.

I tend to take Saturdays and Sundays off from working out. But I still try to make sure I’m doing something active, and not just sitting on the couch all day 🙂

And there you have it, my favorite ways to stay active. I know for me, I always feel so much better after I work out. Not only physically, but mentally too. I seriously can’t wait to share Trev’s first guest post with you! Be on the lookout for it next week. I promise, you’ll want to hear what he has to say. He’s a professional, and his advice will be MUCH better than mine!

We’re one day away from the weekend! Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!


LOL my mom goes “Maybe you should try running for a picture.” So here is me attempting to run hahahaha


Tank Top (Literally the softest/lightest tank top ever! And my favorite to work out in) // Sports Bra // Leggings // Nikes (Similar. I got mine at Dunhams, and I can’t seem to find a link to the exact ones online!) //  Sunglasses

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