Weekend Round Up

OH MY GOODNESS you guys. I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever. I decided to take a nice long weekend this week, instead of blogging on Thursday or Friday.

This weekend was the first in forever that Trev and I had nothing to do. Every weekend since Mother’s Day we’ve had something going on. We finally got to sit and do NOTHING and it was wonderful.

It was crazy hot in Detroit this past week (like we had a heat advisory hot) so we pretty much sat inside in the air conditioning. We only ventured out to spend some of our wedding gift cards at Bed Bath and Beyond. We literally spent all our gift card money on pillows and sheets… and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

New Pillows + New Sheets = Best Nights Sleep Ever. 

We also got our wedding pictures back this week! Our photographer, Alyson Fink, did a seriously fantastic job. I can’t wait to share them with you! Look for them in Wedding Wednesday posts, and a post with a few of my favorites later this week.

I headed back Up North today to spend the week with my family, and take care of everything I needed to, to get my name changed! I’ll officially be Savannah Edmondson Klump soon!

Lounging. Shopping. Parks and Rec. That was my weekend in a nutshell. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Might I suggest going to get some ice cream? I always like to end my weekend on a sweet note!


PS- Literally the lamest pictures… I know. But I barely had my phone out all weekend. At least my cat is cute 🙂




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