Wedding 101: The Wedding Binder

I’m sure you’ve all heard of it. I’m sure you’ve pinned it thousands of times. “What you’re engaged? Better start a wedding binder.” “Oh. You’re going to meet with your venue? Better take your wedding binder.” And so on, and so forth, and what have you. (Gold star if you can name the tv show!)

But do you REALLY need to lug a big ol’ binder around with you for the entire wedding planning process? I’m here to tell you that yes, you do. While making a wedding binder may seem like a cumbersome task, it will save you time and time again the further you get into planning your wedding. Can you get by without one? Probably. But if you want a stress free wedding day, I highly suggest you invest (either time or money) into a wedding binder before you even begin planning.

When it comes to a wedding binder you have two options… DIY or Buy. Before getting engaged was even on my radar, I had pinned hundreds of “DIY Wedding Binder” pins. There are some AWESOME tutorials out there, many that include free printables! If you like to DIY, and want to spend some time creating your own, I think that is great. But I only had about a week and a half between the time I got engaged, and the time I had the first meeting with my venue. For me, buying it was my only choice. (Thank the Lord, for Amazon Prime.)

A quick search on Amazon will give you tons of options. You need to look at them all, and decide which is best for you. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer  was ultimately the best decision for me. After doing a lot of research on it, I really liked what it had to offer. And let me tell you, this bad boy is PACKED with everything you could ever need to plan your wedding. From tips and inspiration, to check lists and charts, you won’t find yourself lost in the wedding planning process.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer comes in a pretty blue binder that says “Our Wedding” on the cover. Although pretty, I didn’t find it very practical. It fit the organizer in it perfectly, but there wasn’t enough space to add things to it. For me, I knew to help keep myself organized, I would want to add things like my guest list, receipts, venue information, catering information, flower information, etc. So I went to Target and bought one that I thought was pretty, but also that was big! While I was there, I picked up a few other things I knew I’d need, like a notebook, paper clips, and colorful markers. (I also picked up the CUTEST ring stickers from Hobby Lobby. Because can you really plan your wedding without cute ring stickers? No. You cannot!)

The only thing that the planner/organizer was missing were calendar pages. I promise, you will NEED to have a calendar/planner where you can write down meetings, due dates and appointments. You can easily print some off (I LOVE this one from Etsy) or you can use a planner, whichever you prefer.

I highly recommend going through the planner/organizer in it’s entirety before you begin planning, just to get familiar with it. You will find that you might not need all of the sections, and that is totally okay! It’s just great to have a place to put all your thoughts and ideas down to show your vendors, and to have SO many checklists to be sure you have everything covered for your big day.

Now, if you are choosing to have a Wedding Planner (the person, not the book!) then you probably don’t need a big binder. They are professionals, and will be able to lead you through the long dark tunnel to the light at the end!

Here is a small look into my wedding binder. I truly can’t stress enough how important this was to me! I know that everyone I worked with LOVED that I came to my meetings so prepared and organized. I can honestly say, it was all because of this beauty.

Happy Planning!




PS… I ALWAYS had my phone with me while doing any wedding planning for one purpose alone… to call my mom! She always had all the answers! My adorable phone case is from Scarlet & Gold Shop. It’s sold out right now, but they restock often. If you’re in the market for the worlds cutest cases, go check them out! I’ve ordered from them a few times and have been SO impressed with their customer service.


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