Weekend Round Up

Why do weekends always have to fly by? This was my last weekend Up North for a few weeks, so I filled every moment I could with family, doing my favorite things. It was a fun filled weekend spent outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and I’ve got the sunburn and tan lines to prove it.

My hubby was in Louisville with friends, so this weekend was all about doing the things I love at home! I went to the beach, celebrated Christmas in July with my mom, checked out our newly renovated light house, caught a rainbow with my dad, and even walked in a parade with my family! (If you’re reading this, and a voter in Manistee county… Vote John O’Hagan (my super awesome uncle) for Sheriff on August 2nd!)

Its back to the city for this girl tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve ever dreaded a 4 hour drive so much. It sure is hard to leave beaches and open spaces for parking lots and traffic jams.

What did you do this weekend?



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