Christmas in July

I think there is something you should know about me… I LOVE Hallmark Christmas movies. Like, really really really really reallllly love Hallmark Christmas movies. Every year, I spend most of my evenings watching their Count Down To Christmas starting in November. And then I get really depressed come January when they don’t play Christmas movies anymore.

So naturally, when they play all their best Christmas movies in July each summer, I’m totally there. Lucky for me, my mama loves celebrating Christmas in July too. In fact, it’s become a tradition for us to come home from the beach early one afternoon to blast Christmas music and decorate Christmas cookies. Sometimes, we’ll even wear Santa hats, just for good measure 🙂

My mom and I spent this evening making Christmas cookies using the recipe my sweet Aunt gave me as part of a really awesome wedding gift. I’m going to be the first to tell you, I’m absolutely TERRIBLE at decorating cookies. Those little balls you’re going to see? They happen every year, because I get tired of cutting out cookies, so I make “snow balls”. (Creative or Lazy? I’ll let you decide. HAHA) And those red and yellow blobs? I promise, they are reindeer! But if you ask me, it’s really how they taste that matters the most!

I’m off to snuggle up on the couch, in a big cozy blanket, with warm cookies and Christmas movies. Hope you are all enjoying the start of a beautiful weekend!

Happy Friday!

PS- I’m totally obsessed with my Kate Spade apron! This apron is not only adorable, but cleans up really well when I spill on myself (which is all the time) too! And bonus, it’s on sale! Find it here!




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