There are some moments in your life that are average. Moments that  you don’t think will stick out to you years later. Going to the grocery store, cooking dinner, the tediousness of your every day routine. These moments aren’t the moments you’ll look back on later in life. They aren’t the moments that you’ll tell your grandchildren about. And they sure as heck aren’t the moments you’ll think of as your life is coming to an end. Or so you think.

For awhile I thought my life was too average. I was one of those girls that had a plan. A plan that wouldn’t lead to a non-average life, but to a perfect, shiny, spectacular life. As soon as I graduated high school, I put my plan into motion.  Go to college (check), find my dream guy (check), graduate college (check), get my dream job (nope), buy a house (can’t do that without a job…), start a family (no job, no house = no family). All of a sudden, my life was a mix of moving back in with my parents, turning my relationship into a long distance one, taking a job that wasn’t ideal, and realizing my life was becoming so very average. I thought I was filling my life with moments that I wasn’t going to be proud of later on.

But then, late one night, I realized that my life was filled with average moments because I wasn’t making the most of them. Yeah, I didn’t get my dream job right away… but honestly most people don’t. Yeah, I had to move back in with my parents… but moving back in with them, let me see how truly amazing they are. Yeah, I might have had to move away from my dream guy… but the time we spent apart made our relationship so much stronger. When I started looking at these “average” moments differently, my attitude towards life started to change. My moments weren’t as average as I thought. In fact, some of these moments turned out to be pretty incredible. I realized I loved going to the grocery store with my guy. I realized watching Hallmark movies with my mom is one of my favorite ways to spend a cold, rainy afternoon. I realized learning to cook old family recipes with my dad, made not only my belly, but my heart happy too. All of these average moments made me happier than fulfilling any type of life long plan.

And let me be the first to tell you, when you change your attitude, and decide to look at things differently, everything starts to fall into place. 

Which brings me to where I am tonight. Thinking about how lucky I am to have a life full of moments. Moments that make me happy, moments that make me sad, and moments that make me excited for what is to come. Here on my blog, I’m going to be sharing my moments with you. From trips I take, to my life as a new wife (I’m getting married next week!!!), to the things I love most.

So join me as I document all of my life’s not so average moments. I’m so happy to have you along for the ride!



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